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Vivint Security Monitor in South Bend
September 23, 2021

Could I install a security camera as a baby monitor in South Bend?

Could I install a security camera as a baby monitor in South Bend?

In the process of assembling your child’s first room, you put together the cradle, painted the walls a delicate, lighter hue, and created the ultimate diaper changing station. Now it's time to determine the manner in which you're going to watch your baby sleep. You might go with the conventional baby monitor that gives you the ability to supervise on a separate listening device, or you could go high-tech and use high-def video feeds, 2-way communication, and activation motion detection.

The higher tech alternative kind of sounds like surveillance systems found in a complete home protection plan, but can you use a security camera as a baby monitor in South Bend? 

What do you want in a baby monitor in South Bend?

In previous generations of parenting, a baby monitor was really straightforward. You install a component with a microphone in close contact to the sleeping area, which sends audio signals to a receiver that looks like a walkie talkie. Thankfully, baby monitors now provide additional benefits. For instance, some monitors now offer high-definition video feeds and two-direction communications. You can even hook many monitors to your home’s wireless signal so you can roam all over the house. The latest baby monitors in South Bend are so advanced that they are similar to interior surveillance systems in both features and expense.

Would you switch baby monitor with an integrated surveillance system?

Due to the fact that baby monitors and surveillance systems have many of the same features, you have many people in South Bend integrating their nursery to their overall home defense. So it makes sense -- especially if you have to Vivint smart home technology -- as your baby monitor now has:

Clear video with night vision: Your security camera should have at minimum 1080p high-def video, and infrared functionality for reliable low-light performance.

2-way communications: Now you don’t need to go into the room to quiet your child back to sleep. Your calming voice could be the only thing needed to keep them asleep.

Motion activation: Even though you can have your monitoring device stay on constantly to watch your baby sleep, your own alertness might start to lag. However, when your camera identifies anything unusual, then you can get a message on your phone. You will appreciate this when your adventurous newborn quietly scrambles up the crib or when your family dog wanders into the space.

Recording capabilities: The majority of baby monitors don’t record the video. You can now transmit a short segment to grandparents to show them what a beautiful sleeping baby you have.

Smartphone access: As an alternative to carrying an external monitor around, you are now able to view your child from a simple smartphone app. You can even touch base with your young one and babysitter when you go for a date night.

A security camera baby monitor is part of a larger smart home

The great part about implementing a security camera as a baby monitor in South Bend is that it can link to your other home automation and security products. So, for example, if you observe that your newborn is having trouble falling asleep, you are able to make adjustments to your integrated thermostat from your smartphone app to make it more comfortable. Or when they awaken for their midnight feeding, you can increase the brightness of the nursery’s smart lighting to show that you're on your way. In the event you have at least two babies in unconnected areas, you could give each one an indoor security camera and monitor the feeds in a single cell phone application.

An indoor security camera in South Bend is an important aspect of your home’s complete security and automation package

Whether you want a home security camera to use as a baby monitor or you simply want to enhance your residential protection, start by calling Secure24 Alarm Systems. A Vivint expert will carefully explain all the possibilities and assist in getting the right security system for your property. Simply dial (574) 241-6763 or submit the form below.